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The slingshot effect.

The more you pull back a slingshot, the further the rock will go.

Even though it may take more time and energy to pull the elastic back, with no immediate results to show for it, the outcome will be much greater when you do finally let go.

This is the same for your goals.

If you barely pull the elastic back on a slingshot, because you lack patience, the rock will drop by your feet.

Likewise with a goal that you put little time and effort into, and having little patience with, the results will play out accordingly.

Big goals require a lot of time and energy with nothing to show, before you finally let go and reap the rewards.

What this means is; the bigger the goal you want to achieve, the more you're going to have to put in without any outcome whatsoever.

Let me repeat that, no outcome whatsoever.

Yes, you can look internally at the wins along the way, finding fulfilment from the journey - I didn't say with no fulfilment or happiness, just no outcome.

In my case, I spent 3 years making social media content before my audience started to grow.

I set up a website with completely free content to provide longer format information.

I spent two years writing a book that (take my word for it) wasn't worth it for any reason other than to provide valuable information that I thought needed to be shared.

I wrote almost a years worth of email newsletters just like this one (now many more) every week and sent them out to you all...

And I couldn't be happier that I had that patient approach.

It was an extortionate amount of work that didn't support me for a very long time.

But, throughout, I was pulling my slingshot back further and further and further, adding more and more tension through the value I was providing, the skills I was learning, the connections I was making, the audience I was developing...

Such that, when I found a project that I was extremely passionate about and wanted to commit to, the potential for launching it was enormous - because the time had been put in over the years prior.

That project is of course live., my coaching platform/app.

Watch the full live. story to find out how that all came together!

Do you want to take me on as a coach?

I spent over two eyars writing the most comprehensive guide to intermittent fasting, and you'll find it on your local Amazon!


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