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about me.

Founder of live.


Qualified Nutritionist & Gut Health Coach.


Amazon Best Selling Author of The Fasted Lifestyle.

Previous Sufferer of IBS.


Ex-International Athlete.



MY PHILOSOPHY: The best lifestyle for you is the one you don't feel the need to cheat on.


Needless to say, I’ve had no shortage of health and fitness battles - both mental and physical - and my passion for health and wellbeing is strongly rooted in these personal struggles that I’ve faced. 


Most notably, in 2018 I developed IBS from misprescribed antibiotics, with doctors telling me that nothing could be done. I lost over 10kg in weight and suffered from severe bloating, skin irritation, brain fog, eye floaters, and more. All I was offered was “sorry” and a repeat prescription of medication to mask the symptoms (for life) - which I threw in the bin on my way out the door.


Having made a full recovery through nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle practices, and an overall holistic approach, I have shared my story through social media and come to realise that thousands of people are experiencing the same lack of support. This is why this platform is here today, to ensure that no one has to feel that helpless feeling that I felt, not knowing where to turn.


As an ex-international athlete, diet & nutrition author, qualified nutritionist and coach, I have a deep understanding of how the body works, and how to make it function at its best. Not only through training and nutrition, but also through mindset, which my plans focus heavily on - ensuring that you find your healthy, happy, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle that also provides results.


I spent the better part of 4 years rowing competitively, winning numerous medals at a national level. I also competed for my country, winning two gold medals for England and captaining the junior team to victory at an International Regatta. The work ethic derived from this experience has stayed with me for life, and through no shortage of health battles my interest shifted to health and wellbeing.


I have an Internationally Accredited Diploma in Nutrition, and wrote the #1 Amazon Best-Selling book "The Fasted Lifestyle: The Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting". My love for cooking has become strongly integrated with my search for good health, without ever compromising taste!


As someone who is not genetically gifted with their physique (feel free to check my progress pictures!) I have real-world hands-on experience in transforming the human body to reach it's potential with natural methods. My role as a lifestyle coach is to use a variety of these skills to help you live life on your terms.

I am also the founder of live. - a coaching platform that provides two complete lifestyle transformation plans, "The Power Plan" and "The Gut Reset". The first helping individuals become the best version of themselves, and the later providing the workings for a healthy gut - with a three-phase nutrition plan that's the first of its kind.


My "why" as a lifestyle coach is rooted in the struggles that I've faced... from being naturally skinny yet still holding body-fat, to developing IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) induced from misprescribed antibiotics where doctors told me that nothing could be done.


I've been at the lowest of lows with my mental and physical health, with anxiety, skin irritation, a cloudy mind, lack of motivation - and during this time I came to realize something... it's not always in the control of you, right here, at this very moment.


Society is quick to label us as "demotivated", "lazy", "out of shape", and more - but I say we should stop blaming our present self, and start working on ourselves from the inside out!


In all cases, the way I overcame my struggle has been through overhauling my lifestyle. It starts with the food you eat and ends with the way you move your body, with a host of sustainable lifestyle habits in-between.


Once you change the way you treat your mind and body, the rest seamlessly follows...


From skinny-fat to the physique I dreamed of. From cloudy and demotivated to sharp and energetic for what life has to offer. From bloated and anxious to being free to lead my life how I chose and eat the foods I love.


My "why" as a lifestyle coach is to help you do the same. To take you to the next level, no matter what level you are now. To ensure that no one has to reach the lowest of lows, with a helpless feeling of not knowing where to turn.

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