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Goal setting and visualisation.

Arguably the most influential practice there is.

You cannot match being crystal clear about your destination and visualising the journey there, how it will feel when you arrive, thinking as if it has already happened...

And it's so simple to do.

Get a piece of paper and a pen - or open up your notes on your phone - and write down 3-5 goals (the sweet spot in my opinion).

You may choose to set one for your health, one for fitness/training, financial, career-based, self-development, side hustle, education... the options are limitless.

But once they are set and written down you have a crystal clear destination (or set of).

I highly recommend writing these down as part of a journalling or planning routine every day, so that they are always at the forefront of your mind.

Invest in a pinboard, gather some photos or text and print it out and create yourself a vision board.

Steadily you are aligning yourself with your goals, and actions can follow seamlessly.

Visualise the journey there, what needs to take place, how it will feel to achieve the goal, thinking and acting as if it has already happened...

Then take positive action - all of this is meaningless unless you consciously take action on the goals, the universe isn't going to bring them to you, you have to go and get them!

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