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Leverage those around you.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

I cannot tell you how far one single conversation has taken me.

In-fact, I can.

One introduction led to me being introduced to a software company that helped me create my coaching platform which has now changed over 1,000 lives.

One exchange over a glass of wine lead to me creating an entirely new service at live., the Platinum Reset Program - which we now feel is going to be our leading service to partner The Gut Reset.

One discussion with a close friend lead to me stopping personally coaching at live. in order to serve the great mission that we're on, supporting and developing our "A Team" and focusing on providing you value through content.

All decisions that have changed the course of my life and the approach used to bringing live. to the world.

If you are in a phase of life where you have "time hours" that you need to invest in yourself and your journey, this is unavoidable and these hours need to be spent.

But... always create space and time for paradigm shifting exchanges with those around you.

Do you want to take me on as a coach?

I spent over two eyars writing the most comprehensive guide to intermittent fasting, and you'll find it on your local Amazon!


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