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How to set goals, properly.

Make them CLEAR, MEASURABLE, and with an END DATE.

CLEAR: You must be able to clearly understand and visualise progress towards the goal.

A bad example would be "Improve my gut health".

A much better example would be "To not bloat from a single meal in my meal plan".

MEASURABLE: Simply meaning you can track the goal, whether that's taking note of a number, ticking a box, or otherwise.

Habit trackers are great here! To continue the example above, you can tick off the days you do/don't bloat on a habit tracker.

END DATE: You must have a date that this goal is to be acheived by - whether it's the end of 2022, the end of the month (adjusting that goal once achieved for the following month), or at any other point in time.

This allows you to align your actions with what is required to achieve the goal by that date.

Often the end date of a goal makes me think "Okay sh*t, my current actions won't get me there by then... what actions will.".

This is where goal setting gets powerful, because you start finding solutions that get you there quicker (providing you're willing to take action).

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