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Have a crystal clear vision.

Your brain is very clever. For many reasons, but particularly because it will pick out what's relevant to you in day-to-day life.

If you quickly flick through a document or blog post, words will jump out that are relevant to you. For me things like "gut health" or "intermittent fasting" would immediately jump off the page.

Ever heard the saying "Easy to spot an orange car if you're always thinking about an orange car."?

Whatever you keep in your conscious mind jumps out at you in the world.

"Ben, what are you getting at here?"

If you are crystal clear on your goals, in the same way your brain will pick out what's relevant to them as you go about your day-to-day life.

It may sound extreme, but I write down my primary goals every single morning, and the sole purpose is to brand them into the forefront of my mind.

When they are branded into your mind you cannot help but navigate the world through their lens.

Then the real power comes when you put an end date on these crystal clear goals.

Not only do you spot the relevant opportunities, you now create a sense of urgency as you take a step back and think "Is my current path going to get me there?", and if not, "Well how can I get there?".

The glue that holds this together is having unfathomable faith and belief that you can achieve the goal in the time frame you've set.

There must be absolutely no doubt in your mind that it is possible, there simply is no alternative.

I challenge you, today, to create 3-5 measurable goals with an end date and write them down every day for the next month - and have utter faith that they will be achieved.

Watch what happens.

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