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When does the hustle stop being worth it?

Without sugar coating it, I've worked a lot of hours in the last 3 years.

Some might say too many.

Was/is it worth it?

Mostly yes, but sometimes no.

As humans we are built to walk uphill, we are evolutionarily designed to have a purpose. For this reason, periods of intense work can be the happiest times for me.

This is because short-term satisfaction isn't being chased, which as the name entails doesn't last.

I even made a comprehensive video on the lessons I learned from these period of focus - with the final being that "it was worth it".

But, like anything, there's a limit... where does this lie?

In my opinion, the limit lies when you are no longer enjoying the journey.

As I've said in the past, happiness and fulfilment doesn't come from the final destination - rather the journey.

So if your mindset switches to "I will be happy/fullfilled when I... *insert final destination*" this can become a slippery slope.

This means, in the simplest of terms, it's worth it if youfeellike it's worth it along the way.

So you have to be self-aware enough to ask yourself this question, answering honestly.

If it's a no, have another crack at finding a balance that does make it worth it.

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