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Have you found your balance?

There is always a fine line between healthy eating and tying yourself down, and a balance has to be found.

In a recent Q&A on Instagram I was asked what foods I "avoid", the short answer is none - I will eat anything that I want to eat in moderation.

On the other hand, the foods I limit are refined sugar/carbs (white bread, pasta, pastries, sweets etc.), artificial sweeteners (in yogurts, protein bars, drinks, etc.) and in general anything that is heavily processed or has a long ingredient list - that often include names that sound like chemicals you'd find in a science lab.

But these foods often taste damn good and can be a part of any healthy lifestyle in the right quantities.

Long-term consistency always beats short-term intensity, so find the balance with these food choices that serves your long-term health without causing you unnecessary stress and restriction.

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