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The ever-moving mountain top.

It is human nature to always want more.

We often tell ourselves "Once I make it here, I'll be happy... I'll have made it.".

In reality, as we approach our determined mountain top, it drifts further into the distance as our goals and ambitions get higher and higher and higher.

Nothing is ever enough.

I recently heard this concept being discussed on a podcast, how the most common regret of those who approach the end of their life is working too much, and never settling for what they had.

I think this is something that we all have to contend with, and like I said... it's human nature.

But what can we do about it?

For me, it comes down to enjoying the journey and chasing fulfillment instead of material goals.

In doing so, life doesn't run away from you, because the dreams you're chasing are providing you with fulfillment - which also makes the hard work and sacrifices worth it.

As Jordan Peterson states, "We're built to walk uphill". We're designed to progress, to work, to accomplish.

So instead of seeking a final destination, seek the happiest and most fulfilling journey, because the mountain top isn't supposed to be reached.

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