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It's human nature to rush.

We are all victim too it, myself included.

"What's the fastest way I can do x?"

"What's the quickest method to do y?"

The ever-rising sea of information online, and the people behind this information, tend to exploit this fact.

Promising you the magic pill to solve your problems quickly, usually for their own financial gain.

This unrealistic expectation of how long it takes often leads to falling short - because results don't pour in as we're promised.

It's down to us as individuals to see through the clickbait and false marketing, instead, developing sustainable habits and learning to trust the process and have patience.

Whether it be your health, your career, your physique... it can take months or even years to achieve your goals.

So, instead of strictly focusing on the destination, shift that focus to being the type of person that lines up with it.

What would they do in this situation?

How would they act and structure their day?

Become that person, have patience, and the results will follow.

Do you want to take me on as a coach?

I spent over two eyars writing the most comprehensive guide to intermittent fasting, and you'll find it on your local Amazon!


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