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We've all been there, we've all done it, but how do we stop it?

Firstly, procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something despite knowing that there will be a negative consequence in doing so.

This void is usually filled with another task, whether that be reaching for your phone, choosing a different task, or drifting into something entirely different.

Procrastination can fly under the radar as seemly productive...

Two examples are spending longer planning a task than doing it, and focusing on minor easy tasks that won't actually push the needle.

This starts with the intention to do something productive, but results in procrastination.

There are many other reasons for, and angles we can approach, procrastination...

Seeking the path of least resistance, searching for dopamine, being a perfectionist, lacking the energy to perform a task, being in a bad mood, and even depression.

But how do we avoid it?

Firstly, try to be self-aware and recognise when you either do it or are about to do it, and ask yourself what caused the action.

Keep yourself accountable, because it's not just a case of self-control - there's usually a deeper meaning.

Since procrastination can result from a lack of energy or not feeling up to the task, start with the hardest task.

You can also give yourself a time frame from when you sit down to starting a task - I used this at university, giving myself 60 seconds from the moment I sat down to begin work.

Make a plan (but don't spend too long making it), start with the hardest task, and give yourself a time period that you have to start by.

Finally, remove the cues and/or make them inconvenient. This one is simple, and it's best explained with an example...

If your phone is in another room, it is out of sight (and mind) and is inconvenient to go and get.

You may choose to remove apps, install apps like "Forest", block websites, sit in a different room... whatever your trigger for procrastination, remove it and make it inconvenient.

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