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How to make your resolutions stick.

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

I'm not a fan of the term "New Year's Resolutions", but I more than appreciate the feeling of having a clean slate in a new calendar year!

Whatever positive changes you're looking to make in 2023, there is one single factor that you must consider; and that's sustainability.

It simply does not matter what you do in January if it falls to the wayside by March, because progress only continues for as long as you can maintain the actions that align with it.

So, if you have a specific goal, for example: "To achieve the best physical shape I've been in", or, "To finally kick my gut issues to the curb", you must embody the type of person that aligns with that goal if you plan to maintain the progress for the foreseeable future.

And there's only one way to ensure that, sustainability.

You must want to live the lifestyle, rather than feeling like you need to live it.

You must fully identify with the lifestyle, rather than moulding it to how society expects you to live.

You must see yourself sustaining the lifestyle forever, making short-term sacrifices as and when required; keeping the end vision in sight.

Champions are not made in January, it's easy to be a hero in January.

Better to be conservative as part of a sustainable lifestyle than to over-extend and give up entirely.

Long-term consistency always trumps short-term intensity.

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