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The single most important thing that I will be focusing on in 2023.

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Getting crystal clear on my goals, my principles, and my vision for the year to come.

Whilst I have covered the factors that go into goal setting and creating this vision in the past; I still don't feel that this is enough.

You need to establish a method of keeping yourself on course and branding this vision into the forefront of your mind.

My process is simple: Every morning for the next 90 days (reviewing my process at this point as I will change location/environment) I will start the day with the following practice:

Step 1: Meditation

Step 2: A pre-laid out journalling practice that I fill out on Notion

a) 80:20 the day (what REALLY needs to happen today? Eliminate, delegate or make what remains more efficient)

b) What I'm grateful for that day

c) What I'm letting go of that day

d) 2 affirmations that resonate with me in that present moment

e) My goals for the month are written just below, so it takes a matter of seconds to review them

f) I have a list of 23 principles that I aim to live by this year, so a scan over them keeps them fresh in mind

This takes no more than 30 minutes to complete.

And if I were to be transparent with myself, I can 110% save 30 minutes elsewhere throughout the day - and this will dramatically change my 2023.

Feel free to adapt or take inspiration from this!

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