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Embody the person you want to become.

If you plan on acting like a millionaire the day you become a millionaire you'll never be one.

If you plan on creating content like you have 10k followers once you have 10k followers you'll never make it there.

If you plan on "maintaining" and taking care of your body once you reach that "athletic physique" you'll never have it.

To be one, to make it there, to have it, you have to embody it from this very moment.

In cases, this might be "faking it until you make it", something I've done my fair share and continue to do.

When I started this email newsletter I had to write it as if thousands of people where reading it, even when 10 people were subscribed.

Believe me, I felt like a fool at times...

"Who do I think I am?", "Why is anyone going to care about what I have to say", the imposter syndrome was real.

Now it's sent out to over 5000 people.

Why? Because I put my ego aside and wrote it as if thousands of people were reading it from day one.

I wrote it in EXACTLY the same way a year ago as I do now, nothing's changed.

There's a key sticking point that holds people back in this regard, and it's other people's opinions.

More often than not, it's not failure that we're scared of, but other people's opinions of our failures.

This is your friendly reminder to stop giving a sh*t about what other people think or say.

Stop caring about looking strange, or weird, or different, or like a "try hard".

F*ck what anyone thinks.

You do you and stay in your lane. If someone has something to say about what you're doing then that's on them and their own insecurities.

You are powerful, you are unique, you are capable, so don't let other people be what holds you back from pursuing your dreams.

I'm sure someone will think "What a melt" having read that...

F*ck you.

Do you want to take me on as a coach?

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