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What happens when you're ambitious?

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." - Norman Vincent Peale

Without thinking, "F**k it, what's stopping me from getting there.", you never will get there!

And even if you fall short, you'll be much further along than you would have otherwise.

If I were to ask you what's stopping you from achieving your 10-year goals in 6 months, what would your instant reaction be?

Mine would be a little something like, "That's damn near impossible.".

But the sheer process of asking these scary questions gets you thinking about what it would really take...

The action.

"What would I do if I were to give that a shot...?"

You'd prioritise that's for sure, and that's an important first step; what is going to really push the needle and get you closer?

This also ties into being crystal clear on your goals, because if you establish an ambitious goal with a clear end date - it will wake you up and make you think about what it will take to get there.

If you don't set goals and continue to aim higher, it's very easy to remain stationary or do "just enough" to keep things ticking over.

What if, on the other hand, you woke up and said right it sounds crazy but I'm getting here, by then, what would I need to do to make it happen.

And then follow up with action.

Don't wait, don't hesitate, just go for it.

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