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Master what you know.

In an ever rising sea of information, the search for new knowledge can come at the cost of applying and mastering what we already know.

Often we already know what it takes, or at least the next step. This knowledge is also rooted in the basics, which as you might often hear from me, accounts for 80% of the pie in many cases.

I won't overcomplicate this idea today, instead, I'll challenge you to apply it from this very moment.

Whatever your eyes are set on, whether that be in education, the workplace, that side hustle you've been planning on starting, or otherwise - take some time to gain no additional knowledge, to make no new "plan", and see how far you can go with what you already know.

Along the way there will be essential information you need, so what I don't mean here is to cut yourself off - rather to replace motion (time invested that doesn't directly push the project forward) with action.

"You don't need to predict how everything will play out. Just master the next step and continue moving in the right direction." - James Clear

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