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At what point does being too healthy become unhealthy?

How healthy is too healthy? What do I mean by this...?

There comes a point at which the pursuit of health can be self-destructive, leading to the opposite effect to what is being sought.

Firstly, the stress of the process can outweigh the benefit of these healthy practices. A great example is fasting; if fasting until 2pm, you might spend 10am-2pm focusing so heavily on food that you entirely detract from this portion of the day.

You may also be stewing on the inside over the fact that you just want to eat. This stress will far outweigh any benefit you might have gained from fasting until 2pm, making it less healthy than starting to eat earlier.

Another example is being bound by healthy eating, leaving you walking around shops for extended periods of time for the "right foods", skipping meals out because there are no "healthy" options, avoiding social occasions because you're concerned you may fall off course.

This might be coupled with the compulsive need to exercise as it's good for your health - or aimlessly walking around the streets because your step count wasn't high enough for the day.

There are many examples of the pursuit of health becoming destructive, and the solution starts with self-awareness.

Checking in on ourselves (and our family and friends) to ensure that the lifestyle we lead is in fact serving us.

Understanding that too much "good" can in fact become "bad".

Pursuing balance and looking after our mental state, because what's going on in your mind manifests into your body.

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