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Narrow your focus... in batches.

The more goals you set yourself, the less focus you can allocate to each.

Seems obvious right?

As someone that spreads themselves thin across many areas, I'm often asked how I manage to allocate enough time to each area.

My secret... work in batches.

You could streamline the number of areas you want to focus on, and I certainly advise this - but I am also very aware that it takes time to figure out our focus in life. In the meantime, spreading ourselves thin may be a sensible idea.

Again, don't get me wrong... once you do find your focus, run with it.

However, if, like me, you have many areas of focus on, here's my approach.

If you are constantly picking up and dropping a project, you can never find a state of flow with it. You also spend precious time figuring out where you left off and coming to terms with what's left to do.

Instead, batch your major projects so you can stay in the required headspace and do it justice, before working on the next.

For example, in my third year of university, I was writing my book.

Every week, Monday to Thursday I would stay on top of university work. Friday to Sunday, when I had free time, I was fully focused on writing my book.

Another example is my dissertation this year.

Many will chip away at their dissertation throughout the year, and I did chip away to an extent to keep on top of it - but the bulk of the work was done in 3 or 4 1-2 week batches where I was fully focused on it.

I've found this to be a game-changer with my major projects, and I hope it may provide value to you too!

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