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The idea that we are just "motivated" or "demotivated" is completely false. What's really occurring when we are motivated? We are either interested, passionate, or driven towards a certain goal. And if this interest, passion or the reward that leads to this drive, isn't present, we are not "motivated" to do it.

What this means is, motivation is 100% within your control. Why? Because all it takes is digging deep within yourself to determine what interest or passion you have for this goal, or what the reward will be once you achieve it.

For example: Recently I found out that I won't be doing a master's in engineering, but instead, I will be pursuing my passion for nutrition and entrepreneurship. What this means is, I have 9 weeks left of engineering studies that I am "demotivated" to do, because I couldn't see myself using it.

So, I sat down with myself and determined what I have to gain from getting a good grade in my degree, which resulted in the following:

- I owe it to myself after four years of hard work to finish the job.

- If I achieve a good grade it will impress any prospective employer or partner down the line - engineering or otherwise.

- If I ever decide to take up engineering again down the line, I will have a strong basis to do so.

- etc. etc.

All of a sudden, as I started listing these, my "motivation" grew and grew - so now when I sit down to study I have the drive to do it justice.

A final point to note, we also fall back heavily on our habits. Often when people ask me how I'm so motivated, I'm not, I'm just in the habit of making the most of each day. A great way to build these habits is to have an exact plan of what it takes to achieve your goals, so that all you have to do is wake up and execute the plan, without "thinking" quite so much.

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