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How much should you work out?

There is no magic number.

It comes down to your goals, your life situation, the type of training you're doing, and so many other factors.

In my eyes, your instincts are the best indicator to ensure you're not over or under training.

Because we all have a different starting point, which we just have to build from.

You may only feel comfortable training 2 days a week for an hour, or 5 days a week for 15 minutes.

I know when I first started training I didn't enjoy it - and very quickly I wanted to leave.

That's okay.

Turning up is the most important step, and once you're there do what you can and make sure you're training in a way that you enjoy most.

In time, as you see progress and you become fitter, stronger, faster... you become encouraged and start wanting to be there.

If you're more advanced, your life situation may be the greatest factor.

Train each muscle group at least twice per week, which can be done in the following ways (just examples):

2 or 3 days a week: FULL BODY, FULL BODY(, FULL BODY)

4 days a week: PUSH, PULL, LEGS, FULL BODY

5 days a week: PUSH, PULL, LEGS, PUSH, PULL (More upper body focused)

6 days a week: PUSH, PULL, LEGS, PUSH, PULL, LEGS

In my opinion, short intense workouts should last 15-45 minutes, and resistance training 45-90 minutes. This is a ballpark figure, so be sure not to stress if you aren't there yet!

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