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about me.

Founder of live.


Qualified Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach.


Amazon Best Selling Author of The Fasted Lifestyle.

Gut Health Specialist and Previous IBS Sufferer.


Ex-International Athlete.



My background with fasting. 

My first encounter with fasting was 5 years ago, and after the first three years of personal experience, needless to say, it had changed my life - which is why I began writing my book.


"So you've been writing your book for 2 years??". Yes, yes I have... Why? I was determined to explore all avenues of the process of fasting so that the book contained first-hand information. 

Not only have I explored all corners of the research, but I've applied this knowledge myself. And the 44 scientific journals and books referenced in the book support this.

I can now say with confidence that myself and 'The Fasted Lifestyle' are trusted sources of information on the topic of fasting.

My story with food.

My passion for food stems largely from the fact that I love eating. To eat good food on a daily basis, you have to be able to cook, so I learned!


My love for cooking has become strongly integrated with my search for good health, without compromising taste -  like adapting recipes to be sugar-free during my gut health struggles.


This website will feature a lot of recipes and nutritional tips, so if you’re looking for tasty food that lines up with your health and fitness needs, keep your eyes peeled!



My battles with health.

Needless to say, I've had no shortage of health battles​. From glandular fever to gut issues, and few and far between. My interest in health and wellbeing is strongly rooted in the personal struggles that I have faced.


In 2018 I developed IBS from an extended course of misprescribed antibiotics and delved into the field of gut health in an attempt to untangle the issue. Through a natural and holistic approach, I am now 90% IBS free and gained a lot of knowledge along the way. 


My aim through this platform is to help others in navigating their own health battles, passing on any experience I have gained.


What fitness experience do I have?

I spent the better part of 4 years rowing, winning numerous medals at a national level. I also competed for my country, winning two gold medals for England and captaining England to an overall victory at an International Regatta.


Rowing is one of the hardest endurance sports there is. Training and competing to such a high level provided me with a wealth of knowledge that has only continued to grow since I stopped the sport. 




Over the last half a decade I’ve spent countless hours scouring the research and using myself as a test subject in training and dieting, learning through personal experience.


I am by no means an expert in the field, nor a personal trainer, and that's why fitness is a secondary feature of this website.

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