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Your lens.

Everyone looks at the world through their own lens.

The lens that you look through changes the way that you see the world, and it's a product of your thoughts, experiences, beliefs, and more.

My specific focus for this idea is; what goes on in your mind dictates the way you see and perceive the world.

Meaning, you have the ability to change the way you perceive the world via what you feed your mind.

The books you read, the goals you set, the experiences you immerse yourself in, the failures you overcome.

The first two being the ones that I want you to take away from this idea.

1. The books you read

When you open yourself up to new information, building your knowledge, this will alter your lens.

From the moment I finished the most influential books I've read, I never looked at the world the same, my lens had forever changed.

Every decision I made in my working and personal life had a new perspective.

2. The goals you set

Your brain is very good at picking out what's relevant to it, because it has to prioritise due to the amount of information it finds in-front of it.

This means that should you set out clear measurable goals, you almost wear them as a lens and pick out what's relevant to them in day-to-day life. (!!!!)

This, I feel, is what makes manifestation so powerful.

Nothing mumbo jumbo, you're just focusing your lens.

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