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Your deepest "why".

Why do you want to be this person that you described as your "best-self"?

No really... why?


Your deepest why can be your greatest asset, but also your greatest weakness.

It is the foundation of the house you build.

The roots of a tree that keep it standing.

And this answer will not be immediately obvious, and if it is, you haven't gone deep enough.

For example: Most people want to be healthy, but don't really know why.

And it's not to live longer, or about what life looks like 40 years down the line... to some degree it might be, but that's not enough.

Why do you really want to be healthy?

Is it because you want more energy and life for the things you love and enjoy?

Is it because you want to excel at a sport, or at work, or school?

Is it to increase your confidence when you look in the mirror or walk down the street?

Or is it because society has painted a picture of how you should be and what healthy looks like?

Or because of what people have said to you or about you, whether that be friends, family, strangers...?

We've all been there; doing our best to fit into the world around us.

And so... the second part of this exercise is to take this picture you've painted of your "best-self", and ask yourself why do I want to be this person?

Do you want to take me on as a coach?

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