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Your priorities.

Have you ever taken a moment to pause and establish your priorities?

For a long time I hadn't either, but alongside what we've discussed so far, priorities give you the ultimate reference point when making decisions.

Allow me to explain what I mean by this...

When you have a clear cut list of priorities (once again, down paper or a device); when you are faced with a choice you can decide area of your life comes first.

For example, my current priorities are:

1. My health and my personal space, because without this I am useless and I cannot even attempt to give myself to others

2. My family, their health, safety, happiness, etc.

3. My life mission: Which in my case is my work; helping people become their best-selves and providing a gut health solution to those that need it

4. Social connections and a partner


Now when I am faced with a choice, and either my health or my work is the price I have to pay... I prioritise my health because it's higher on the list.

If I enter a relationship where my personal space or life mission is compromised, it's clear to me that it won't have the legs because of where my priorities are set.

If I'm invited to a lot of social events of parties - such that it will compromise my work and my health (more specifically my sleep schedule) - in my current phase of life, I say no if I know it to be best.

Of course, there will come occasions where these social interactions will improve my work, my mental health, and my life mission (either through networking and bouncing ideas off of people or having the space and perspective to come back ready to go).

"the ultimate reference point when making decisions."

If you are about to embark on a health and well-being journey; you have to ensure that this journey is high enough on the list, and once it's there... stick to it.

Not having time is simply an excuse for the large majority of people.

Because if it was THAT important, you would make time.

Make it a priority, then make the time for it.

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