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Have faith.

Whether you like it or not, there is a higher power at play in this world.

Some connect to it through religion.

Others frame is as spirituality.

Regardless of how you engage with it, if you don't believe in it you're at a disadvantage.

And yes, these ideas are a little more "off the book" than usual. Let me keep it practical for you...

I'm going to invite you into my way of thinking, and you can take from it what you will - but alongside reframing my mindset I wouldn't be here without it:

You are being looked after in this world.

Breadcrumbs are have been laid out in-front of you if you are open to seeing them as the signs that they are.

You will be faced with moments where your gut knows the right decision to make, whether you like that decision, you are scared by it, or you don't want to make it - it's the right one.

Not once in my life have I regretted following this instinct.

Every decision I do regret has come when my emotions got the better of me and I went against this instinct.

If you are clear on your destination, and you have unfathomable faith that it will happen, you will make it happen.

And if you don't, it's because that path wasn't meant for you.

You may not understand why it wasn't meant for you now, but at some point you will.

Not every goal or vision you have is meant for you, and that's okay.

There is a reason that life makes sense looking backwards, but you have to live it moving forwards; but the fundamental force that will keep you moving when times get tough is faith.

Faith in god, if you prefer to use that term.

Faith in a higher power.

Faith that what is meant for you will come to you.

Don't get attached to the word or the description, just find a way to rationalise this in your head.

Like I said; if you don't, you're at a disadvantage.

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