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What defines a person's transformation.

I've worked with over 600 clients through my coaching platform live. - and many of those clients have "transformed" in the literal sense of the word.

They have become a new person, with a new body, a new gut, a new lifestyle, a new mental state, and the experience of fighting their mind and body and coming out on top - something that you hold with you forever.

But what defines this transformation? What's "the secret"?


Categorically, this transformation starts in the mind.

It is your mind that controls what you decide to eat, not your body.

It is your mind that tells you when to say yes, and when to say no.

It is your mind that determines your motivation and discipline to follow the plan.

Because the plan works, it's proven to work - it comes down to your ability to follow the guidance.

This isn't a sales pitch, although it might sound like it. It's the truth.

Yes my job as a coach is to provide you with the plan that is right for you. But more so, it's to support you in a way that allows you to follow it.

To follow it with consistency, to enjoy the process of following it, and to create a sustainable lifestyle around it.

(This part is a bit of a personal sales pitch...)

The only reason I'm able to provide this guidance is because I've been there myself.

I've performed on an international stage in one of the toughest sports in the world, rowing.

And on the flip side, I've scrapped the bottom of the barrel with IBS, and had to muster up the strength to navigate it - when at times I felt like giving in.

I don't say "giving in" lightly, I mean it in the most literally sense of the word - which you will appreciate if you've heard me speak about the turmoil of IBS.

Overcoming this didn't come from any plan, or advice.

It came from the mind.

And it's a privilege to pass the tough lessons from this process over to my clients.

Do you want to take me on as a coach?

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