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There will always be more.

Recently I reached my mountain top.

I've reached mountain tops before, so I always had an understanding that fulfilment doesn't come from the destination, but the journey.

But this was a mountain I'd been climbing for 5 years: the journey to 100k Instagram followers.

And no, life doesn't revolve around followers - but it's a measure of the content I create and the platform I lay for my future.

To give you an understanding of the magnitude of this goal; for an entire year last year I wrote down 100k Instagram followers in my journal, alongside other goals I was working towards.

But what happened when I achieved it is a life lesson that I will never forget.

I refreshed my profile to see 100k, smiled and said "Holy f*ck" - then 10 seconds later, almost naturally, said "Right 200k next".

Then I paused. (for a while)


I had just spent 5 years dreaming of and pushing towards a goal, and 10 seconds after I achieved it, the goal simply moved further away.

Yes I was happy, but that wore off. And don't mistake me here, that doesn't mean it hasn't been a fulfilling journey - but the fulfilment came from exactly that... the journey.

Not the final destination. (!!)

From that moment forward my mindset towards goals has shifted.

I now write down the journey I aim to complete, rather than the final destination at the end of it.

Because there will always be more, and the mountain top will continue moving further away.

Enjoy the journey, because that's where fulfilment will come from.

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