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Many healthy lifestyle choices can cause an abundance of stress if made to be too restrictive, followed too rigidly, or practiced too often.

So much so that any potential benefits are far outweighed.

The right kind of stress, in moderation, isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing!

A healthy dose of stress can be highly beneficial to us. Keeping this dose to a healthy limit, however, is something to be wary of, as once this spills over, it can start to cause us all kinds of issues, including hormone imbalances and inflammation.

Stressful stimulus comes in many forms in the modern world, and these must be managed collectively.

Fasting comes with a stress response, as seen by a rise in cortisol.

Likewise, caffeine consumption spikes cortisol. Which is why it's overconsumption can lead to stress and anxiety.

Exercise is a form of stress that you put on your body, and recovering from that stress is what makes you fitter and stronger.

Of course, lifestyle stress can come in a host of forms; workplace stress, financial stress, family or relationship stress, etc.

You must be your own best expert here, as everyone encounters a different amount of stress and also tolerates this stress differently.

Be sure to check in with yourself and your stress levels regularly, especially if you are prone to anxiety - looking at it as a complete picture, not just the typical "I'm stressed out" way we tend to visualise it.

But! Be sure not to overanalyse where this stress is coming from; it’s very easy to build false associations with what’s causing something like stress.

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