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Balance, consistency, and sustainability.

One of the most common sayings I use: Long-term consistency beats short-term intensity.

You might have heard me say it before, you'll certainly hear me say it again.

The only way to stick to healthy living in the long term is to lead a balanced and sustainable lifestyle - which allows you to stay consistent.

There is no point leading a perfect lifestyle for a month, or even a week, to then slip into your old habits because it wasn't sustainable.

There is no point meditating for 45 mins a day for 3 days, to then give up and not see it again for 3 months.

You have to take a cold-hard-honest look at yourself, your situation, and the way you want to lead your life, and determine...

"What can I sustain forever?"

A great example I can give you is cheat meals. SO MANY people ask me what my favourite cheat meal is, or when to have them, and how to ensure they don't affect your progress.

My answer is always the same, "Develop a lifestyle that you don't have to cheat on."

Balance has a different meaning for everyone, so it's important not to imitate others and to find what balance means to you.

This all comes down to one thing... self-awareness.

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