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Rest and reset.

We all have our limits, and the further we push them the harder it can be to bounce back.

The dreaded burnout.

If you're approaching burnout or not quite performing at your best, a rest and reset can be a perfect way to reset the typewriter.

But there's a mental hoop that you need to jump through to realise this: taking time off will make you more productive in the long run.

That's right. Two steps back for many more to come.

So don't see time away as time "lost", but time gained in the future.

When you return from time away you will return ready to perform. You will undoubtedly be more productive, interested, creative, etc. - and this will far outweigh the time spent taking some time to yourself.

If you're mentally burnt out, it may not be rest you require, but time away from work, studies, or life as a whole doing things you love and enjoy, or getting a change of scenery.

In either case, how you make your return back can be make or break...

The "reset".

Wipe the slate clean, tidy and organise your environment, layout a general (vague) plan for what you need to do moving forwards, then take action.

You may look at your to-do list and think "Where do I start?", just start.

Instead of spending hours planning and refining how you're going to catch up, just start ticking things off the list, and before you know it, it will be much more manageable, and eventually back to normal.

As will you be, because it's all too easy to slip into poor habits from your time away, so it's time to regain some momentum.

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