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There's a specific point I want to focus on here...

When the going gets tough, see it as a "workout" for your resilience.

An opportunity to build an extra layer of resilience for what comes next.

Look forward to the tough moments.

Get comfortable in the tough moments.

Get better at dealing with the tough moments.

Because there's no getting away from them, and the more your push yourself the thicker and faster they'll come.

Life isn't mean't be be comfortable, so the more resilient you become the quicker these moments will roll off your shoulders.

P.s. The moment I finished writing this the first time round, my screen froze and when I refreshed idea 2 and 3 had disappeared as it hadn't saved (hence idea 2 and 3 are second drafts). A perfect example of something out of your control challenging you.

Win those challenges.

Use them as an opportunity to do better.

Keep moving forward.

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