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Reacting to what's out of your control.

You have no power over what's out of your control, by definition.

What you do have control over however, is how you react to these events or moments.

3 times in recent week’s I’ve been stricken by the hand of technical issues - losing audio on videos, mic's not turned on, watching hours of work and moments I may never catch again seeping through my hands.

Not a sob story, but an opportunity to learn and share this with you all.

Here’s the process I go through in these moments:

Was a mistake made that was in my control (or someone else’s who I can support to rectify their mistake)? If so, what needs to be done so it doesn’t happen again. If not, see it for what it is and move on.

Fundamentally, the past cannot be changed, and in this moment you are faced with the following choices:

1) Allow this downfall to spiral and encroach on the rest of your day, month, year (depending on the magnitude).

2) Wipe the slate clean, hit the reset button, and remind yourself that there is nothing you can do to change the event - keeping your eyes forward on what comes next.

Change how you react, then focus on the next act.

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