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Protein powder.

Why do I use it?

To help meet my daily protein requirements, not because it is essential in any way.

Protein powder is a cheap and convenient form of protein.

I personally eat a higher than average amount of protein, because 30% of the calories consumed in the form of protein are burned digesting that protein.

100 calories of protein become only 70 "usable" calories (to be simplistic).

It's also highly satiating (filling), and time after time I find better results from my training with a high protein diet.

Which ones do I use?

There are two that I rotate between, and I'm not affiliated with these brands in any way. You'll find in my first ever YouTube video, some time ago, I recommended the exact same products.

The "Vegan Protein" from "bulk" powders - I like the white chocolate coconut, caramel latte, and peanut butter flavours.

The "Repair Protein" from "RAWSPORT" - both the vanilla and salted caramel. Salted caramel is the best tasting vegan protein going in my opinion.

Both have zero cr*p in them, no artificial sweeteners, nothing funky. I also significantly prefer vegan protein to whey. "RAWSPORT" is a more premium product, and the ingredients list will show you why. "bulk" is an equally good but slightly cheaper option - hence why I rotate between the two when I get bored of any flavours!

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