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The number one key to fat loss.

The ever-rising sea of information online has become our greatest asset, but also our greatest vulnerability.

In order to stand out, click-bait marketing and misinformation is thrown at us from all angles - with everyone seeming to possess the "magic pill" to your problems.

One of the most common questions I'm asked is, "What's the number one key to losing fat?".

And my answer will always be the same...

The single most important key to fat loss is finding a lifestyle that puts you in a calorie deficit that you can sustain.

It's that simple.

And for it to be sustainable, it cannot come at the cost of everything you love and enjoy!

An outlook I much prefer is becoming the person that looks the way that you want.

Because diets don't work, lifestyles do.

Having a short-term outlook, or putting an "end date" on your fat loss journey, will likely lead to you slowly unwinding your results after the fact.

Note: The alternative route is cycling through phases of gaining muscle and losing fat, meaning you're leaner for parts of the year than others.

Chronically cutting your calories is no way to live, and it won't last because your body will eventually slow down. Either develop a long-term lifestyle or cycle your calories, ensuring that you atleast spend parts of the year in a comfortable state.

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