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Non-negotiable chill time.

A lighter note...

It is my firm belief that over-working yourself will make you less productive.

There is definitely scope for this to be taken the wrong way... the fundamental, consistent, hard work has to be there - but there is a balance.

At some point in your day, try to set aside some "non-negotiable chill time".

What I mean by this is, there is some point in the day where you switch off, relax, and unwind.

I often fall victim to this myself, and will only break this rule if I have a strict deadline for a major project, or if there's a time-sensitive opportunity not to be missed.

Examples being, getting live. up and running - chill time had to suffer for a while (to meet a deadline).

Or if a social media post is doing super well, I might sit and reply to comments to up the engagement - a one-time opportunity to catch it while it's hot (time-sensitive).

What you do in this time is up to you, but try to make it completely unrelated to your working life.

Force yourself to switch off, you'll perform better when you're switched on.

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