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Motion, action, and direction.

I talk about motion, action, and direction a lot.

Let's break them down, because they are incredibly important

Motion: Actions that take you no closer (physically) to where you're trying to go.

Action: Actions that take you closer to where you're trying to do, but not always in the right...

Direction: How directly your actions are taking you to your destination (i.e. In what direction are your actions)

(see image below)

Picture motion like moving side to side; the example I always use is planning. Planning is fantastic, because it ensures that you're moving in the right direction - but without action it is meaningless.

If you never take an action, you can plan until the cows come home without ever taking a single step close to your goal.

This is why I often say "pride yourself on your execution, not just your ideas." - because the best ideas in the world remain ideas until action is taken.

No perfect nutrition plan or exercise routine will get you healthy and in shape. It does not matter how good! The only thing that gets you healthy and in shape would be doing that plan/routine.

In-fact, someone who does 80% of a mediocre plan will go further than someone who does 50% of a perfect plan. Easily.

Someone with mediocre ideas who takes action will be more successful than someone with amazing ideas who doesn't do anything with them.

Do you see where I'm going?

It is all too easy to fall into the motion trap (and I want you to read this twice): Motion will make you feel good because you're moving. It will also make you feel good because it's comfortable. Action is hard. Action is uncomfortable. Action will make you feel like you got less done. But in-fact, you got a lot done.

Use motion strategically when you need it to gain some direction, which can save you time/blood/sweat/tears/money, but focus your energy on action.

It's a tricky balance, but one we all must find.

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