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You'll take as long as you give yourself.

Parkinson's Law states that"work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion".

An interesting and powerful thought... I'll keep this very simple.

It means you'll complete a task in the amount of time you give yourself to complete it.

If you give yourself 1 year to build a house you will do everything it takes to finish in one year.

Give yourself 3 years, you will show far less urgency and complete it in closer to 3.

Same house...

The less time you allocate to a task the more productive you will be, because you will prioritise what's actually going to complete it.


You'll have heard me talk about "setting clear measurable goals with an end date" - this setting of an end date is what initiates urgency and makes you question whether your current actions will get you there.

And by Parkinson's Law, the closer that end date is to you, the more you will prioritise and the less time you will waste.

I first learned this when writing my book. I could still be writing it now, over a year after it's publishing, if I didn't give myself a deadline.

Because there will always be more that you can do.

So, if you want to get something done - tighten up your deadline and let urgency and action do the rest.

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