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Stop focusing on the small details.

80% of progress is made from the basics.

I repeat... 80% of progress is made from the basics.

No amount of small details, what I call the "1%ers" will ever outweigh this.

But... they usually cause the most stress, also sapping you of your time and energy.

I learnt this the hard way from rowing. I was so obsessed with being the best that I could be that I went to every length to be just that.

As a result, I lost balance, passion, and enjoyment for the process, and it lead to inconsistency because I was being intense in the short-term which can only be stretched so far.

Hence why you will hear me repeat "Long-term consistency beats short-term intensity." so frequently.

Because I made the mistake myself, what many of these ideas are a result of.

It's also why I advocate balance and sustainability now - because having learnt the hard way, I learnt my lesson and have seen the power of cutting yourself some slack and practicing balance and moderation. Both myself and with the hundreds of clients I coach to achieve results.

So here's a simple formula for you to follow:

80% nailing the basics + 20% balance = 100% consistency

And when I say "nailing the basics", I mean putting absolute effort into them.

Not 80% effort in the gym, 100% effort into the basics that really matter (the 80%).

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