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There's more than one way to be productive.

Productivity can be described as "how much you get done". But I try to frame it as "how far you go" instead, because getting lots done doesn't always mean forward progress is made.

This was an enormous lesson I learned last summer when I went to Ibiza to get some down time - which turned out to be the most productive few months of my working life.

Even though I didn't "do as much" work as I had in the years prior.

And that's because there's more than one way to make forward progress, and it doesn't have to be seen as time and energy spent.

Instead, it might be the people you meet, the quality you are able to bring to the table under a reduced workload, ideas having space to evolve, a fresh perspective that makes you question your beliefs or ways of doing things...

All of these can take you further than... the term I use is "smashing the laptop", which is specific to my case. But you understand what I mean.

Don't just get busy, get productive. In the true sense of the word.

When the situation requires it; go into focus mode and smash that laptop.

Just don't forget the less time and energy intensive parts of the equation.

P.S. Different phases of your personal development will be more suited to different types of productivity. Try to match the time you spend to your needs at that time.

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