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For your health: Turn back the clock.

There is a reason why whole food diets, intermittent fasting, barefoot shoes, ice baths, blue light glasses, all work...

You’re turning back the clock to what we’re evolutionarily designed for.

Your body thrives on whole foods in their natural form. Any label that reads like a chemistry experiment simply isn’t good for you.

We are designed to hunt without food and function optimally, then sufficiently feed ourselves (intermittent fasting).

A little cold water here and there doesn’t go a miss, because in the grand scheme of human history hot water on tap is a recent development.

We are not designed to see a radiating spotlight 2 feet from our face before we go to bed (your phone). Same goe for your house lights, turn them off/down and switch to lamps, your body is quite literally designed to wind down when you do.

It’s intuitive when you think about it, and the practices that I preach most often all circle back to this.

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