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Turning back the clock on health and wellbeing.

A concept that's piqued my interest for a few years now, as it closely relates to fasting and how and why it works - which I discuss in my book "The Fasted Lifestyle".

"The hunter-gatherer culture can be dated back as far as 2 million years ago, and until roughly 12,000 years ago, all humans still practiced hunter-gathering."

"One could argue that having required far less frequent food for such a long period of time, that our bodies are not adapted to such a high meal frequency, all with snacks in between."

"It also stands to reason that having required the ability to hunt for extended periods of time, without continuous food, that we as humans are evolutionarily designed to function at a high level in the absence of incoming food."

I continue in the book to support this with up-to-date scientific research.

This concept can be stretched into all corners of our day-to-day lives.

Cold showers and other cold therapy methods, bare-foot shoes or walking barefoot to "ground" ourselves, dopamine fasting (no phone/TV, porn, gaming, refined foods, etc.), early morning light exposure and blue light glasses, eating whole foods, intermittent fasting, and more.

All of these practices have one thing in common, they turn back the clock on health and wellbeing.

Modern life has interfered with millions of years of evolution, with air-conditioned houses, warm showers on tap, soft cushioned shoes, refined foods created by teams working in labs, electricity at our fingertips... you get the picture!

So, if you decide to try any of these practices, I hope this idea provides some context as to how and why they work!

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