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Fad diets.

Fad diets. We've all heard of them, but what actually are they?

A "fad" is a craze of attention towards some sort of behaviour, or a trend - usually met with a SHORT TERM feeling of enthusiasm that fades into the distant past.

All fads have their merits, otherwise, they wouldn't have gained such traction.

So, should you find yourself wanting to try one out, in my case i'll refer to a diet or eating choice, it's just a matter of removing the "short-lived" nature of it.

The best example I can give you, given that I wrote a book about it, is intermittent fasting.

Many people are "all-in" on the effectiveness of fasting, deeming that no other way of living could be better. These people likely practice it with such intensity, that following their lead would be completely unsustainable for most.

Many people also disregard it, believing it to be a fad.

Intermittent fasting has its merits, a real wealth of them in my opinion, but only if you practice it as part of a wholesome balanced lifestyle.

In doing so, you take away the "short term" craze, allowing you to explore and discover if it works for you, or if there are lessons and happy mediums to be found.

The number one rule is to make your lifestyle sustainable for, well... ever.

Do you want to take me on as a coach?

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