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Don't tell people your ambitions and expect them to find it realistic.

For many years every time I shared an ambitious goal with someone they palmed me off or saw it as unrealistic.

But there's a specific reason for this.

They didn't have the complete picture that I had in my mind, nor should they.

So long as you can see the roadmap to where you're going that's all that matters.

No one has to believe you, and the likelihood is no one will care; at least until you start to edge closer to it.

The single most important piece of the puzzle is your own self confidence.

If you believe that you can make it and you take the necessary action, you will.

If you share the journey with people just do so impartially, meaning don't expect anything in return.

Because if you do expect it and nothing is returned, it can pull you down.

Don't tell them. Show them.

P.S. If you can find someone who matches your energy with your crazy dreams; run with it. That's something special.

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