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Are you a cook or a baker?

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

One of my favorite analogies...

A cook is someone who needs free flowing guidelines, or a basic

framework, that they will adjust according to the circumstance. They will add and discard as necessary, a little more of this, I think this can come off now... For exercise, they may be the type of person that turns up to the gym with a vague idea of what they want to perform, and adjusts according to how they feel - maybe even makes it up as they go along. They may have a rough idea of what they want to eat on a given day, but any "rules" feel like chains tieing them down.

A baker is someone who follows specific guidelines, precisely performing each step, without skipping any. A baker cannot "eye-ball" a cake or tart, they cannot "wait and see" how it will turn out and adjust accordingly - baking is a science. For exercise, this is someone who turns up to the gym with an exact plan laid out, that they will follow rigidly. They may carefully track and weigh what they eat, and find a comfort in the level of control from doing so.

More often than not, we are either a cook, or a baker... in all walks of life. Finding out which one you are means that you can line up your lifestyle accordingly. Cook? Give yourself a free-flowing set of guidelines and stay flexible. Baker? Find yourself a rigid plan to give you that level of control you need.

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