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Are you willing to risk it all?

Are you willing to go all-in, knowing that you won't lose?

Now I want to preface, I do not advise in any way, shape, or form that you follow these actions, I am simply sharing my lesson here, giving you full transparency - no filters.

On MANY occasions throughout this journey I had to risk everything, having a deep faith that the outcome could only be positive.

Rewards require risks.

And much like the slingshot effect, the bigger the risk, the greater the potential reward.

An additional point to note: Not everyone is in a position to take those risks... I had no mouths to feed, I was young (still am, but especially in the early days), no one else depended on the outcome; it was just me. Although to some degree now, the risks I take have the potential to effect an enormous amount of people.

Now there is a big difference between a risk and a gamble. A risk means you're exposed to some kind of danger or negative outcomes. A gamble is when you do not know the outcome; you're guessing which way it will swing.

We're not in the business of guesswork here.

In my case, in the lead up to launching live. I had to stop doing anything that was earning me money to buy back my time - which was essential to get the platform up and running.

As a result, no money coming in, all my money being invested into the business... only lasts so long.

I invested money from an ISA I'd been adding to every month for a few years prior into developing the app, I sold my car, I used all my savings, and we just about made it to launch.

All my cards were on the table.

If you want the details on how that went (not too well initially!), check out The live. Story!

But this certainly wasn't the last time this happened, in-fact, it happens so regularly now that I'm almost immune to it.

Again... no dice rolling, calculated decisions that you have control over.

And a f*ck tonne of faith.

Do you want to take me on as a coach?

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