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Top 5 tools I couldn't live without.

I'll spare you the generic and obvious stuff... (no affiliation to anything mentioned, just things I love)

Number 1: Notion.

Notion is a task-management and organisation software, which is where my second brain lives. I'm a firm believer in writting everything down; and I mean everything. Any task I need to do or idea I have is written down immediately, otherwise it's as good as gone. This creates space for clear and creative thinking, and with Notion's easy user interface I can come back to all my thoughts and tasks when needed.

Number 2: Blue light blocking glasses.

One of the most overlooked periods of the day for your health and well-being is the hours leading up to when you sleep. As someone that works infront of a screen, that also likes to "hack" light to help me wind down at night and wind up in the morning, not having my glasses would be a real blow.

Number 3: To follow the sleep theme... the app "Sleep Cycle".

I've used Sleep Cycle for over 3 years now, and it's genuinely changed the course of my life. The app monitors your sleep quality through sound, but more importantly... you can set your alarm to go off in a 30-minute window, and it will wake you up in your lightest period of sleep. No more alarm bells during deep sleep, which only leads to groggy wake ups.

Number 4: Splice.

Splice is the editing app on my phone which I edit all my reels with. Whilst I often work with a videographer or shoot on a high quality camera, editing still takes place on my phone so I can bring a video together quickly, independent of my location. If there's anything I've learned about creating content, it's that consistent high quality content is paramount, and finding quick and easy workflows allow me to do this without an enormous time and effort burden.

Number 5: The live. app.

Of course, I am biased here... given that it's my app. But I've been using the live. app for all of my nutrition and exercise plans consistently since October 2021. As a result, I'm so used to not having to think about what I'm eating, what ingredients to buy at the shop, and what my workouts are - that it's tough for me to go back. I've also been logging my progress on the app, including my weight, body fat %, and gym progress, which I like to monitor without having the excessively think about it.

If you would like to have your own personalised program on the live. app, I will have one tailored to you within 24 hours, feel free to join us here:

Bonus tools: Audible, Spotify, and, for audiobooks, music, and music fit for deep focused work.

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