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Tips for good quality sleep.

I'll cut to the chase for this one, because we all know how important sufficient and good quality sleep is!

Here are a few tips of mine, from a nutrition and lifestyle perspective:

  1. Stop eating 2-3 hours before you sleep.

  2. Limit or gradually lower bright lights and screen time as/once the sun goes down. You can use apps such as "flux" for pc, or turning your phone onto "dark mode" and/or "night shift" which reduces harsher light sources. Additionally, blue light glasses can be worn once the sun goes down.

  3. Use an app such as "sleep cycle" to monitor your sleep, it also sets an alarm that wakes you up in your lightest period of sleep within a 30-minute window (no more groggy alarm wake-ups!) - I've been using this app for 2 years now.

  4. Limit stressful stimulus in the hours before sleep, such as watching the news.

  5. Limit caffeine to the early hours of the afternoon, unless just before a workout.

  6. Seek natural light in the early hours of the day, to help regulate your circadian rhythm.

  7. And the more common ones wrapped up in one: Stick to a regular schedule, limit lengthy naps, exercise regularly, and finally, keep up with the self-care to manage any stress you may carry!

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