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Peace of mind.

In my opinion, our mind is the most powerful tool for our health and wellbeing, hands down.

What is going on in your mind directly reflects in your body.

So, sometimes, doing something that is "unhealthy" or "out of line with your goals" to put your mind at rest is the "healthier" or "better" option.

Of course, this can be easily misconceived and twisted - so I trust that you understand the essence of what I'm saying.

For example, you're having a meal out or friends over and the snacks come out or everyone orders a dessert - you want to join in but it's not in line with your goals.

You can put yourself in an uncomfortable position or stew over the situation, which at times I know I will if I'm being strict towards a goal.

But sometimes conceding so you can enjoy yourself and put your mind at peace is an equally good choice, so don't feel guilty about it.

If you've been hammering it out at work, satisfy your mind with whatever it is you enjoy, and don't feel guilty about it.

I highlight guilt because if you practice this choice and don't let your mind rest it's a lose lose - because you still haven't found piece of mind.

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