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Head space.

A simple practice for you:

Next time you finish a task, a video, a book, a meal, a project...

Instead of rushing on to the next or picking up your phone to fill the space, give that space back to your mind and take some head space.

If you're sat on a bus, in the doctors waiting room, in the elevator, a taxi, walking to the gym...

Why not use that opportunity to get some head space?

I'll give you a great example, for a long time every time I finished a movie on Netflix on my laptop (as if on autopilot) I would hit command + T (open a new tab), then type "Y" ( would pop up), hit enter, and immediately start looking for the next fix.

Soon enough I saw this for what it was, a fix.

Picking up your phone is probably the more common example. How often do you get a moment to breathe and as if on autopilot you reach for your phone and get sucked in?

This is not your fault, nor was it mine. We live in a world that's advancing so quickly that our mind and body isn't designed to know how to deal with all this stimulation.

The solution starts with becoming aware that you're doing it and catching yourself in the moment.

So... next time you do catch yourself: close the laptop, put the phone back down, park the to-do list for a moment, and take some time to yourself.

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