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Research finds that the simple act of showing gratitude has long lasting positive effects beyond those in your mind.

A leading research expert on the topic found that keeping a gratitude journal can lead to a strengthened immune system, lower blood pressure, higher quality sleep, more positive emotions, a greater feeling of alertness, higher stress resistance, more joy and pleasure...

Which reflect in our social interactions; more compassionate and forgiving, more outgoing, and a reduced feeling of loneliness and isolation.

But showing gratitude often gets swept under the rug in what is a fast-paced world - so here are two quick practices to make it sustainable for you.

On a smaller scale, writing down one new thing that you're grateful for every day forces you to dig through your mind - once you tick off those that are obvious - for what you truly appreciate.

This can be done before you write your to-do list, at the start of a journalling routine, or even by thinking about it the moment you wake up when you are lying in bed...

30 seconds of your time, every day.

On a broader scale, show gratitude to what the lowest of lows have provided you with. This has been a life changing mindset switch for me.

There are two sides to every coin, although it might take some time to see both perspectives.

The best example I can give you is when I had IBS.

The worst year of my life, but something I'm actually very grateful for now - because it set me on a path to uncovering the flaws of how gut health is treated, allowing me to help people who suffer from the same lack of support I did.

You have a choice to shift your perspective. You won't always see the bright side, which is completely normal - but every time you do you put a point on the board for your personal well-being...

...because, ending in the same way that we started, gratitude has long lasting positive effects beyond those in your mind.

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